3 steps to initiate programmatic research now

Introducing our Programmatic Research Service (alpha).

As we are just launching this service, we are currently handling requests on a manual basis. Once we have validated the effectiveness of this concept, we will introduce a self-service tool to streamline the process. At this stage, your feedback and understanding are invaluable in helping us enhance our service. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in sharing your research requirements with us through a brief Zoom call. Rough steps follow.

Step 2

During our call, we will collaborate with you to fine-tune the prompts, ensuring the highest accuracy in results prior to executing our programmatic research script. We will utilize our Ghost chatbot to assess feasibility, and you will have the opportunity to preview the results.

Step 3

We will run the refined script immediately, and upon completion, you will receive an email containing the output. Please note that for more complex requests, the completion process may require additional time.

Perhaps not too far in the future...